Windows software for creating fully automated screenshots of webpages

Render ridiculously huge screenshots of webpages. For Windows.

Add a custom watermark, and more. Make automated web page screen captures in bulk.

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Screenshot One Rendering

Main Features

  • Render ridiculously huge screenshots of webpages. On Windows.
  • Capture gigantic screenshots – Larger than your device, up to 99,999 pixels long and up to 9,999 pixels wide!
  • Save your screen captures in FIVE different file formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. Lossy or lossless, it's up to you.
  • Choose from a wide range of phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop pc resolution presets: They accurately reflect different types of devices but any combination is possible.
  • Easely add a watermark of your choice – Both GIF and PNG are supported.
  • Screenshot One Pro is a compact app: a limited amount of memory and storage are enough to install the app!
  • Perform bulk screenshotting in a fully-automated way by using the app command line (CLI) switches in your own Batch or PowerShell scripts
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Automatically name a screenshot based on the URL
  • Ability to emulate different Trident Internet Explorer modes and see how that can affect a certain website's UX (user experience)
  • Completely multi-threaded
  • Custom file output folder
  • Private: Screenshots render locally, and no information is sent to the Screenshot One author!
  • Facilitation of common post-screenshot tasks:
    • Copy the resulting file path to clipboard,
    • Open the containing folder so you can move it elsewhere,
    • Show the screenshot in your favorite viewer,
    • Do all the former in one click,
    • Instantly delete the shots you do not like.
  • Fully multi-threaded.

Screenshots and How to Use Screenshot One Pro


Paste or type the URL of a website you want to take a snapshot of. If desired, change width and height settings for the screenshot. Alternatively, select one of the available resolution presets just for that.

It is possible to add also a watermark and a customized file name. If needed, paste or type the URL to a watermark on the internet that you want to overlay your screenshot with.

In case you want to see how a page would render on a different Trident rendering engine, also this can be changed, as well as the file output type (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF).

Now click "Generate Screenshot".

Screenshot One Pro Pre-render


Screenshot One Pro will now render according to the parameters you specified.

Screenshot One Pro Rendering


You could now:

  • Copy the resulting file path to clipboard, or
  • Open the containing folder so you can move it elsewhere, or
  • Show the screenshot in your favorite viewer, or
  • Do all the former in one click, or
  • Instantly delete the shot if you do not like it.

Screenshot One Pro Post-render

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How to automate taking full-page screenshots of webpages in bulk


Using the ScreenshotOnePro.exe executable in conjunction with the CLI allows for advanced, fully automated use of Screenshot One Pro, e.g. in Batch and PowerShell scripts.

By using the following command structure: ScreenshotOnePro -t [PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP] -u [URL] -h [height] -w [width] -d Y -v [IE emul. version & mode] -r [naming reference] -l [Full path to desired output folder] -m [full path to watermark file] A real-life example: ScreenshotOnePro -t JPEG -u -h 99999 -w 1200 -d Y -v (Latest) -r "Interesting news today" -l "C:\Users\Janez\Desktop" -m "C:\xampp\htdocs\gamma\images\stamp.png"

Using the Screenshot One Pro Command Line Interface


All switches are optional, but the more you use, the higher the potential degree of automation. Please note, that the order in which the CLI switches are used is currently important in relation to the correct operation of the software. If you choose to use the -m switch (watermark), it always has to be the last switch in line.

  • -t : file format for the output file: PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP;
  • -u : url;
  • -h : height of screenshot in pixels;
  • -w : width of screenshot in pixels;
  • -d Y : auto-execute command or omit if the "Render Screenshot" button needs to be invoked manually;
  • -v : version and mode of Internet Explorer emulation (see below for options);
  • -r : your reference for naming the resulting file name;
  • -l : full path to desired output folder;
  • -m : path to your watermark picture.

Screenshot One Pro Automated CLI Bulk Screenshotting Feature

IE Version and Mode Emulation (-v switch)

The currently available versions and modes for the Trident IE mode switch -v are listed here. Not all might be available on all computers, as this depends greatly on the Windows version used and the updates installed.

  • -v (Latest) : Will attempt to use the most recent IE version and mode (11 Edge);
  • -v 11QuirksMode : IE version 11 in Quirks mode;
  • -v 11EdgeMode : IE v11 in Edge mode;
  • -v 10QuirksMode : IE v10 in Quirks mode;
  • -v 10StandardsMode : IE v10 in Standards-compliance mode;
  • -v 9QuirksMode : IE 9 - Quirks;
  • -v 9StandardsMode : IE 9 - Standards;
  • -v 8QuirksMode : IE 8 - Quirks;
  • -v 8StandardsMode : IE 8 - Standards;
  • -v 7 : IE v7.

System Requirements

Windows 10 (OS Build 14257.0 or higher) is required. The Microsoft Store will automatically install either the 32 or 64-bits Windows version, depending on the version of Windows you have installed.


This program will not render 100% of all webpages (e.g. paywall or password-protected content, rich Javascript content, Flash, AJAX, Silverlight). We simply cannot guarantee that all webpages can be turned into accurate screenshots.

Less feature-rich mobile versions of this app are also available:

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